Tips for Packing Light!

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With ever increasing baggage fees and weight limits honing your skills at traveling light are becoming all the more important. Read on for some handy tips to guide you in the right direction of packing for minimum weight and maximum usage!

Before you start tearing through your wardrobe make sure to create a packing list. This small step will allow you to see anything you’re missing or pinpoint items that can pull double duty on your trip. Bring enough outfits to last just a few days, just because you don’t have a washing machine in your room doesn’t mean you can’t wash your clothes! Take advantage of a local laundromat or just wash them in the sink and hang dry.

Antthony packing tips on wardrobe

Stick to simple color schemes to ensure that separates can be used with a few different outfits. A well-packed suitcase leaves many nooks and crannies where you can hide accessories. Packing a good variety of accessories will provide a lot of flexibility when changing your looks. Also make sure that you choose items that help you layer for unpredictable weather in your travel destination, cardigans, light jackets and stylish zip-up sweatshirts are perfect!

Antthony tips on packing accessories

Take a look at the tag on your items before you stow them away. Lightweight materials, such as modal, viscose, rayon or cotton blends are perfect as they dry quicker and take up much less space. Also make sure you don your bulkiest items on travel day. Any heavy sweaters, jeans and boots should be your go-to plane outfit so you don’t have to worry about packing them away.

Antthony packing tips on shoes

Finally, make sure to roll all of your items of clothing tightly before packing them away. This saves precious space in your suitcase and also ensures that they will unpack relatively wrinkle free! Rolling also allows you to stick accessories and shoes in between the items of clothing. Happy traveling!