The Perfect Holiday Party Look – Hair and Makeup Tips!

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It’s that time of year, holiday party invites are going out – and we know that you ladies are invited to a multitude of events to celebrate the season. Last week, we talked about transitioning outfits from the office straight to the party with chic shoes and accessories – so this week – let’s polish off your look with some holiday hair and make-up tips to make you sparkle!


Lips are always a great place to start – and whether your party invite is for a black tie event or a casual party with friends, why not try something new this year. Obviously red for the holidays is always a festive choice – but instead of glossy red, try fashion-forward matte red for an ultra-modern pop of color. If you think red too cliché, go for a creamy deep berry or wine hue for a voluptuous bit of holiday magic. Whatever color you choose for your beautiful (and kissable) holiday lips, remember a bit of gloss draws attention – giving you that pretty pouty appeal and as a bonus makes your teeth look whiter and brighter, making your smile shimmer!



Now onto your gorgeous shining locks! If time is at a premium and you are heading to one of your holiday celebrations straight from work – try adding a bit of glittering glamour to your hair. You could add a twinkling headband, a glittering clip, or try something completely different and use grandmother’s stunning clip earrings or brooch in your hair for enchanting holiday flair. Modern hair deserves a modern twist, why not try a sexy side braid, a segmented ponytail or even a simple, low ponytail held in place with a dazzling bracelet or necklace from your collection. If you’d prefer to wear your hair down, add some luminous bold curls with your largest curling iron, finger comb and you’re on your way. Bangs offer another alluring look, especially when side-swept and oh-so-sensuous!



Ah! Your amazing and beautiful eyes – the windows to your soul – let’s make them even more captivating for the holidays. The smokey eye is still the go-to for glamour, but for the holidays why not create it with rich tones like plum, chocolate or navy. If you’d like to try something a bit more daring for the holidays, choose shimmering gold shadows with deep hued eyeliners – sapphire, charcoal, or plum. Want to go truly merry and bright, add some glitter to show off your exquisite eyes.



We certainly want to polish off your look with glitzy nails for all those holiday happenings. How about a chic nude nail finished with a glittery topcoat for festive fingertips that work well with any look? If you want a hint more pop – go modern with your favorite winter nail color topped off with sparkling French manicure tips. Either choice will complete your tres chic holiday look!


These festive holiday style tips will help you put the final touches on your perfect look even if there is still some shopping to do, a few presents to wrap, and tree trimming and baking not yet complete. You’ll be looking your celebratory best from the first fabulous party to the last with inspirations from Antthony Originals!

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