Stripes To Flatter Every Shape

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Stripes To Flatter Every Shape


Stripes rank high on this spring’s list of must-wear patterns. This high-contrasting look has crossed the boundaries of casual this year and many designers are pushing the trend into the realm of sleek and chic. Contrary to popular belief, stripes can work magic on any figure if worn with a few simple guidelines in mind!

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Take heed not to incorporate more than one striped item in your ensemble. This pattern lives to make a statement, so let your stripes do just that in moderation.

KNOW YOUR GOAL. Optical illusions in your closet can be your best friend. Looking to achieve the look of lengthened legs or torso? Vertical stripes can do just the trick. On the other hand, if you want to add a bit of shape to your hips or chest take the route of the horizontal stripe.

USE SIZE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Keep in mind that thick, high-contrast stripes might not be the most flattering choice for everyone. A dress with a gradation of thin top stripes to thick bottom stripes will aid in making your hourglass figure less so. If your concern is in the waistline, a dress with a thick band of color around the waist and thinner stripes everywhere else will hug you in all the right places. Finally, for those with hip-envy, a horizontally striped skirt paired with a solid dark top will certainly up your va-va-voom.

Never out of style and constantly being reinvented, stripes will always be a great inclusion in your wardrobe as long as you know how to use them. Whatever the shape and size your fabulous is, there is a perfect stripe out there waiting to be worn!