Rain Rain Go Away!!!

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Nothing can put a crimp in your planned ensemble like a rainy day! Instead of falling back jeans and a sweatshirt to combat precipitation take on this challenge and bust out your fabulous waterproof wardrobe!

The best way to build out your rainy day look is to start with a great coat. Gone are the days of the ugly waterproof fabric which no scarf or great accessory could save. Comb the racks for a great trench coat or colorful thigh-length water repellant jacket. The classic trench comes in the always-chic neutral colors or many other bright choices to spice up your day! This style can be dressed up or down and even belted for a more polished look.

Trench Coats - Fashion tips by Antthony

Compliment your flirty coat with an equally trendy pair of rain boots. These puddle-jumpers are not the same galoshes you wore as a kid, although they can protect you from puddles just the same! Looking more and more like regular boots, these waterproof wonders will keep your feet dry and warm while looking great doing it!

Rain boots - Fashion tips by Antthony

Even if you plan on toting your favorite umbrella to protect yourself from the downpour, donning a rain-appropriate hat or scarf is never a bad idea! You never know when the wind will decide to blow sideways and ruin your perfectly coiffed hair. Make sure to coordinate the colors or pattern of your head gear and jacket to ensure you have the most put together look!

Hats and scarfs for a rainy day - Fashion tips by Antthony

Finally nothing says being chic in the rain like your umbrella. Don’t default to boring black, instead play up your style with the most fashion-forward one you can find! From patterns, to shapes, and ribbons, today’s umbrellas are a fashion statement in themselves. Plan your rainy day outfit before the storm clouds hit and you will be prepared to hit the streets in style without a worry!

Umbrellas for a rainy day - Fashion Tips by Antthony