NAIL IT! The newest nail art and hottest colors of the season

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Besides your hair and face, your nails are one of the last frontiers for really expressing yourself. If you’ve been searching for a new way to wear your favorite polish colors, look no further. We have put together some latest nail art trends for the woman who wants to be equal parts elegant and edgy this summer.

nail art

As any woman will tell you, nail art is notorious for being difficult to do at home. Despite having all the right tools and colors, and even with the steadiest hand, the latest styles often end up looking less like a masterpiece and more like a middle school art project. Luckily, nail art has taken a turn to more subdued designs that can be done at home, even if you aren’t a nail art wizard.



Playing with negative space in your manicure is a cool way to wear unique designs without getting too dramatic. Negative space nails are simply manicures where your un-colored nail peeps through bold lacquers, similar to cutouts in clothes. If you’re looking for a cool, colorful design that isn’t too loud, a striped negative space manicure has your name on it.



Opals have so much depth, which is why this look involves layers of polish to get the same effect. Start with a frosty white to get that perfect glow-stone thing going — then all you have to do is sponge on different pastel shades to get a dreamy watercolor look. Finish with a layer of glittery pale polish or a shimmering pearlescent topcoat — your nails will look fit for any elegant event.



This is a cool take on metallic that looks just like a dripping, swirly oil spill — but with way less mess, of course. All you have to do is put a drop of a 3-4 different nail polish colors onto each nail, and swirl it around with a toothpick. Don’t worry; it’s not supposed to look perfect. Play around with it until you get a color you like. That’s it!



The hottest nail color for the season is barely even a color, it is nude, and it might sound boring, but its charm and appeal is simply unbelievable. So, if you love the look of naked nails but still want to have a polished, even look, you’re in luck. This simple spin on the latest polish trend proves that sometimes less is more. Not to mention it looks good on every woman, irrespective of skin tone and age.



This is a technique that creates beautiful, fun and eye-catching designs on nails. To add a little extra bling to your typical manicure, simply add a dash of sparkle on every nail. More and more women are adding 3-D embellishments like small stones and crystals. These effects can also be fun for holidays to show your festive side.



The best accessories a girl can have are freshly manicured nails. If you fancy a traditional nail shape, but also want to be on-trend, opt for the oval. This nail shape isn’t as strong as the square because the sides are filed down, but the oval nail shape gives wide nail beds a more feminine appearance. Not to mention, the ballerina and stiletto nails aren’t quite practical for everyone, while short oval nails are easy to maintain and are all over the runways this year.



Not only are metallic nails shiny, shimmery and obviously attention catchers, they also make you look classy and feel gorgeous. Using one shade looks as cool and dynamic as more traditional nail art, or you can mix and match between silver, gold and copper. This look tends to lend a space age effect that is very cool, and utterly in style right now. While working on this design, be sure you have a steady hand. Since the design is relatively simple, it’s important to try and get the lines uniform.



French is a term that is synonymous to the front-line of fashion revolution. French manicures have been popular in nail art fashion industry for a long time. This year, nail artists are swapping out traditional tips for waves, patterns, and colors to complement funky makeup trends. Designs range from pretty, feminine looks to spicier, much more sultry versions of this iconic nail art. Choose your design to match your mood, personality or the occasion.



Green is a refreshing color. It’s the color of spring, nature and growth. This year try a rich forest green or kale color, which are big on the runways and a bit more edgy. You don’t have to wait for temperatures to drop to wear an inky shade of obsidian, garnet, or ivy green polish. This chic color looks great all year round!



Graphic nails are making a big statement this year and it’s super easy, especially if you get a nail lettering kit. Start with picking a 4 or 5-letter word (or your name) and then let your imagination run wild. You can use stickers, stencils or freehand your message. Whatever method you use, you will be sure to stand out of the crowd.


From high shine nail gloss to holographic hues, the new season of polishes are here to fight manicure boredom. Some favorite grown-up trends include milky pastels, bold primary colors and edgy metallic.




Navy isn’t new, but this year it’s getting an update. Sparkly navy blue screams ‘sophisticated winter wonderland.’ And luckily, tons of brands are coming out with navy-and-glitter hues, with textures ranging from baby-fine to chunky. Wear two coats if you’re feeling deep and moody.

Nail Color: Rolling In the Deep, $18, available at Deborah Lippmann.



Forget sheer nudes and girlie pale pinks — this year is all about the sexy, creamy ’70s beige. It should be totally opaque, warm in tone, and shiny. As a bonus, this color is a universally complementary shade for most skin tones. Take this look to the next level with a touch of metallic shimmer.

Nail Color: I’m On the List, $15, available at Butter London.



If you want to mix it up after feeling tired of beige, nude nails, yet still want to keep it neutral, grays are a super on-trend option.

Nail Color: Gray Matter, $10.50, available at Sephora.



It’s safe to say metallics are about to have their moment. Nearly every brand has released a version, from simple metallic to shimmery glitter. Can’t decide? Try this OPI silver that has holographic flakes mixed in!

Nail Color: Is This Star Taken? $8.50, available at OPI.



Here is a hue that is soft and subtle. This clean, pale pastel wears beautifully on just about any nail shape and gives your look a hint of fun. It is an incredibly modern color that you will see on celebrities and around town.

Nail Color: Thasos, $20, available at NARS.

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