LONDON, The Ultimate Shopping Experience!

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LONDON, The Ultimate Shopping Experience!
LONDON, The Ultimate Shopping Experience!

For me the ultimate shopping experience is London!

I really marvel at the way the English tailor up a jacket and blouse. Today on my fashion hunt I found this new trend statement!

It’s all about… a return to the 80’s but this time it’s a parade of mixing of the most maddening patterns in one outfit and carrying it off with a bold vivacious personality…everywhere I looked I saw every fashion designer embracing this new look…dots meets stripes and they zig- zag all over the wearers body.

At first glance it looks very jovial…but when one separates or dissects a piece of the trend it becomes quite fun and playful. Imagine this…sporting a fun polka dot scarf with a simple sheath dress and adding to the marriage some fun colorful lace-up ankle boots… you now have a new interpretation of this 80’s flashback look.

The most obvious take away from this new fashion mantra is the printed pant… baggy and in bold energetic prints… it is the a true nod at the iconic 70’s love, peace and happiness hippy-chic patterns but what makes this new trend so important is that it allows the fashionista to sport lace up flat shoes and some fun ballet slippers which we all own from our early 2000’s fashion foot locker…

Three important take aways… the tailored vest/ blazer, the bold tee with colorful graphic playful themes and the harem baggy pleated pant.