Going Beyond Red for Valentine’s Day

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The season of love and romance is upon us, which means it is time to dress to impress! Before you get lost in the waves of red and pink on this romantic holiday, let’s take a look at the other perfectly romantic colors and prints that will “wow” your significant other just as much as drop dead red!

Be Bold with Bright Colors

Valentine’s Day is all about being noticed, right ladies? Whether it is by your significant other or you are single and on the prowl, bright colors are what it is all about. No one is going to notice someone walking in the room in yet another shade of red, but a woman that walks in the room in a gorgeous Paprika or Coral has it going on!

Valentines Day Antthony 2014

What look are you trying to achieve on this romantic day? If it is one with a sultry flair, opt for the “Soleil” 3 Piece Jacket and Pant Set. This lovely ensemble can be worn day and night – by day wear the jacket and simple flats. At night slip off that jacket to show off the gorgeous, shimmering top, slip your hair into a sweet, yet sexy up-do and slip on those favorite stilettos that you reserve for special occasions and have your night on the town, baby!

Soleil 3 Piece Jacket and Pant Set - Antthony Originals
If you are looking for a sweeter, more relaxed look, try the “Candice” Print Tab Sleeve Top. The diagonal stripes will flatter your figure like you’ve never seen before and it allows you a little flexibility with the rest of your outfit. If you are feeling a little sassy, pair it with your favorite above the knee skirt and 3-inch heels. If you want to keep things a bit casual, wear it with your skinny jeans or leggings and ballet flats. Either way, slip your hair into a low ponytail, slip on some elongating earrings and be ready to impress your possible suitors!

Go Neutral


Mika Embroidered Ruffled Top - Valentines Day


Don’t gasp at the thought of wearing neutral colors on Valentine’s Day just yet. You will want to see the incredible romance in the “Mika” Embroidered Ruffled Top before you pass judgment, honestly. When you combine the beauty of stretched mesh, lace and romantic trumpet sleeves, there is not much more to say! We suggest this incredible top in white for Valentine’s Day as it gives a look of pure innocence and amazing beauty with very little effort! Pair it with your favorite colored pants or a beautiful skirt, slip your hair into a high bun, slip on a little pair of earrings and a delicate necklace to adorn the scoop neck and you are the definition of romance – truly, open the dictionary and you will see your sweet picture in this beautiful outfit!

That’s it ladies! We hope that you find the perfect romantic outfit for yourself this Valentine’s Day and that you take our advice and try different colors this year. We want to hear what you choose and what the reaction is – don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and let us know!



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