Blind Dates – What to Wear

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If you have been set up on a blind date or met someone online and are meeting him for the first time, it can be incredibly nerve wracking deciding what to wear. On the one hand, you do not want to look too over-the-top dressy, but on the other hand, you do not want to be too casual and look as if you do not care. It is a fine line that you have to walk when choosing the perfect outfit for the blind date that could predict your future love life.

Antthony - Keep it together

Keep it Together

No matter how stressed you feel on the inside, you do not want to show it on the outside. This means that you should dress comfortable. Now we are not talking your favorite yoga pants and t-shirt! What we mean is dressing in clothing that you know fits well, accentuates the things that you love about your body and is comfortable to wear, no matter what you will be doing on your date. If you are too nervous to put an outfit together, choose an outfit, such as the Keeyan Embellished Top and Capri Set. This outfit gives you the “put together” look that you need without any planning necessary!

Antthony - Stay True to Yourself

Stay True to Yourself

Avoid trying to be someone that you are not on your blind date. You want him to know the real you, which can be portrayed through your clothing choices. This date is not the time to try your new leather skirt or to dress in a style that you think that he would like. Stay true to yourself and choose the clothes that make you feel the best about yourself, allowing you to feel self-confident and happy on your date. If you love to wear maxi dresses and feel your best in them, then that is what you should wear. If you want to keep it casual, pull out your favorite jeans, pair it with a top with flare, such as the Lourdes Mesh Blouse and embrace your femininity.

Antthony - Don’t Ignore the Little Things
Don’t Ignore the Little Things

In addition to finding the perfect outfit is feeling good about the rest of yourself. Take a little extra time on your hair, either putting it in a simple up-do, curling it or wearing a hair accessory that makes you feel extra special. Pay attention to your accessories too. A chunky necklace and your perfect shoes could be all that you need to make your outfit one that you love and that makes you stand proud.

Your blind date is a time to have fun, let loose and yet be true to yourself. Stay close to your normal fashion sense and your self-confidence will simply shine through on the date. The most important thing is to have fun and to look good while doing it!

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